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Medicare Set-Aside

Our extensive experience in workers’ compensation and general insurance defense also gives us the knowledge and ability to take on Medicare set-aside cases. Our well-respected Medicare department can help you navigate the complex maze of growing Medicare issues that affect the settlement of workers’ compensation claims and beyond.

Our Approach to Medicare Set-Aside Cases

At Ritsema Law, we have a unique line of business dedicated to Medicare set-aside cases, called MSP Solutions, which can help you by:

  • Determining which cases need to be evaluated for Medicare issues.
  • Evaluating each case by using the underlying facts and current workers’ compensation law to minimize the amount required to fund any type of Medicare set-aside agreement.
  • Shaping each case to prepare for settlement and Medicare issues. (This prevents the problem created when protecting a client’s Medicare interest becomes an afterthought.)
  • Negotiating with Medicare how much, if any, needs to be set aside to protect Medicare’s interests.
  • Establishing the appropriate vehicle to manage medical funds which are set aside for future benefits covered by Medicare.
  • Providing training to assist our clients in determining when a case needs to be evaluated for Medicare issues and how to shape a case from the beginning to minimize Medicare funding at the time of settlement.

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We understand how important it is to work with an attorney who not only keeps your case and desired outcome in mind, but your personality and preferences as well. That’s why all of our attorneys will work closely with you to provide customized service and solutions that are unique to you.